Giving new purpose to otherwise discarded materials in an effort towards sustainable fashion through creating luxury products of better quality and environmental value.


By upcycling products, FURB Upcycled lets its customers make a choice that respects both their values and the environment. Faced with rampant overconsumption, being responsible has now become a necessity. We must buy less and buy better.



Acquiring an upcycled garment, accessory, or object made from recycled materials is a bold and modern decision. It is this train of thought that underlies the pieces we offer. Sophisticated, socially rewarding and carefully thought out to go beyond trends, a FURB Upcycled piece is made to be cherished for a lifetime.



Through FURB’s upcycling program, one may now secure a future to a piece of sentimental value by re-purposing it to a modern, functional and considered design item.

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