Wearing fur has raised many questions that have become ever more important to address in recent years when ecological impact has become vital to the future. People fall across a wide range of positions, all with strongly valid reasons, on where they stand about this issue. Each individual has every right to and should follow what they believe in their hearts to be the right course.

At FURB Upcycled, our journey began with the realization that generations worth of old, hand me down fur coats and garments were being discarded as waste. But while some may just hang unused in closets, far too many - about 11.2 million tons of textiles according to an EPA estimate three years ago - end up in landfills. Apart from that, there’s the consideration over how synthetics do not biodegrade and also find their way into our oceans. The matter of how we can be more responsible about what we consume weighed heavily on what we wanted to achieve.

As we all move together toward being more socially conscious about our environment, we felt very passionately about doing our part in being a positive influence. By rescuing these discarded materials and upcycling them, we’re not producing new fur. We’re taking old furs – and repurposing them not just into something new - but something that can be worn and enjoyed for generations to come. 

Our goal, however far off it may seem now, is to reach a point when there are no more unused or wasted furs. We know you will make your own well-informed decisions about what you choose to wear. But whatever it may be, make sure it’s something you love and will hopefully cherish for a lifetime. Then someday, perhaps you can pass it on and bring the same joy to the next generation.

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